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Word of the week “simplify”

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This week, my word of the week is “simplify” This is motivation for so much more than just de-cluttering a physical space.

Over time we all collect so many types of clutter – mental clutter, spiritual clutter, personality clutter (those prickly personality quirks that accumulate over the years) and wellness clutter to name a few.

The more things pile up, the more likely we are to be overwhelmed and stuck.

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I’ve found that peeling away at each layer of things that are keeping me stuck helps when I’m focusing on taking action to achieve simplicity and clarity.

If the big things are too much to deal with, it helps to start with the smallest, simplest thing.

This could be as simple as asking someone a question if you don’t have enough information about something or going for a 10 minute walk if exercising has fallen off your priority list.

As we simplify and peel away layers of different types of clutter, we can move toward being our better and happier selves.

Have you been simplifying more over time?


8 thoughts on “Word of the week “simplify”

  1. I need to simplify the space in our casita. It’s where I hang out and write while my husband works i his home office. We are having guests and looking around the Casita, I have papers, books, magazines, and assorted stuff cluttering the space.

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      1. I believe it means tiny house. It has a bedroom, bath and a living room/kitchen with a small desk by the window where I work. We figured we could move my dad in instead of a nursing home if he needs or wants it. Or if our daughter wanted to come home, she’d have privacy. Then when we get old we’ll have our caregiver live in it! But in the meantime, I’ve taken over and my stuff is everywhere.

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  2. I love this word “Simplify”. I will take it to work in my mind tomorrow and see what happens….! I have a joke with my sister- true story- I once bought a book called “Simplify your life”. I read it and then simplified my life by giving it to my sister. She found the book 15 years later, unread in her house, where it had been contributing to cluttering up her life all that time. We had a good laugh about it 🤣

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