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Balancing your silhouette – choosing jewelry that compliments your face shape (Fashion Friday)

This blog is part 2 of the balancing your silhouette series for Fashion Fridays. When you have accessories that compliment you beautifully, you can multiply the number of looks you can create with a stream-lined wardrobe.

I’m having fun with this series because it helps to think about how to maximize a pared down wardrobe in an intentional and thoughtful way.

Part 1 of this series covered a some ideas and tips for balancing your silhouette by styling what’s in your closet in a wat that creates symmetry and compliments your body type.

Accessories that truly work for you can multiply the number of looks you can create with a stream-lined wardrobe and allow you to do so much more with a minimal number of pieces.

slow fashion
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This week’s post focuses on how to use the principles of symmetry when choosing jewelry to compliment your particular face shape. There are no hard and fast rules – it can be fun to try different things to see what works. Here are 5 tips to consider:

  1. Wear longer, narrow, dangling earrings to soften and elongate a wider face shape. A longer necklace and deeper necklines like scoop or v-necks also work to elongate your whole look if you want to create balance.
  2. Wear shorter wider or statement earrings that hug the ears to give more width to a narrower, longer face shape. Choosing necklines that are wider such as boat neck styles and short necklaces also works to provide the look of width.
  3. Soften an angular face with jewelry that has beautiful curves. Try longer hoops if you have a wider, angular face shape and shorter hoops if you have a narrower, angular face shape. Also, consider softer rounder necklines and necklaces with curves rather than angles.
  4. Add lines and structure near a rounder face with long, narrow, vertical earrings that have straight lines. Consider trying elongated bar, rectangular earrings or geometric shaped earrings to add angles rather than curves. Choose V necklines instead of round necklines to balance out the curves of a rounder face shape.
  5. When you want to emphasize curves and angles instead of balancing them out, draw attention to angles with angular jewelry and curves with curved jewelry. This is also a beautiful option depending on the look you’re going for.

When in doubt, wear what you love and don’t worry about any rules if you feel something is right for you. I personally love pieces that were gifted to me by loved ones and when I’m wearing these, rules definitely don’t matter.

slow fashion
Photo by Daria Bondarskaya on

What are your favorite accessories? Do you prefer bolder or more delicate styles?


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