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Why to write even if you don’t think you’re a writer – 8 good reasons to put pen to paper

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I think we’re all writers, really. Some of us may not be as polished as others, but when it comes to outpourings of the soul, we all have uniquely beautiful ways of expressing our feelings. It’s just a matter of putting pen to paper and letting them flow.

If you sometimes feel hesitant to just start writing out of the blue despite feeling that it would be nice to try it out, then here is your nudge from the blogosphere.

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Here are 8 reasons you should pull out your favorite pen and start writing today even if it is one sentence in an old notebook you haven’t opened up in five years.

  1. Writing can be like having an illuminating conversation with yourself. I find that the very act of writing a paragraph, re-reading it and editing it can become a finely tuned discussion within myself that enables me to refine how I truly feel about something.
  2. Daily writing with intention can provide you with me-time that is solely yours – it can almost be meditative if you give yourself the space and time to write about what truly matters to you.
  3. You can connect with the creative part of you. Sometimes the humdrum of everyday life dampens the creative spark we all have within us. With writing, you can write about whatever occurs to you on a given day. You can choose to write a story, or poetry or just jot down random thoughts – whatever speaks to you in that moment.
  4. It is fun. We’re not always doing things that are fun. Writing can be that one thing you do for even 10 minutes that makes you smile. Writing something funny and joyful on a tough day can give you a good reason to laugh out loud. And, you don’t have to share your writing if you don’t want to.
  5. It doesn’t have to be something you spend a lot of time on. If you’re writing just for you without the stress of a looming deadline, you can choose to just spend 5 minutes jotting your thoughts down in a notebook or on a device of your choice.
  6. It can be a way to set goals and follow up on how you’re doing with them. Writing out your dreams and aspirations and then making the plan for how you’ll get there is an effective way of achieving your goals.
  7. Writing captures who you are and what you’re grappling with in that moment in time. It can be fun to look back on your writings from a few years ago and see how far you’ve come while empathizing with your younger self or simply admiring your younger self for getting through that period in life with grace and courage.
  8. Writing is peaceful. It doesn’t take a lot to pull out a pen and notebook or your device of choice and sit in a cozy spot with your thoughts to write. It can be peaceful to be present in that moment and let your creativity flow.

If you already enjoy writing, what are some of your favorite reasons for sitting down to write?

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8 thoughts on “Why to write even if you don’t think you’re a writer – 8 good reasons to put pen to paper

  1. Great post! There are so many reasons to write and you’ve captured them right there. I particularly love your first point. I’ve never thought about it like that but it’s true! Thank you!


  2. Great post! After I started this blog about a year ago, I realized that I enjoyed writing. Now, I like to bring a notebook with me when I take my kids to the library or park so I can jot down my thoughts. Sometimes it will be blog ideas but I have noticed more and more that I’m just writing about anything.

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  3. Such a great post! I have always had a journal which has helped me thru the years. Now I have this blog and Love writing and sharing. I’ve been meaning to journal again as it’s been some years, I do find it therapeutic. I hope this inspires others as it’s a great creative outlet too! It helps us bring out the you being you! Have a great week! ❤️

    Liked by 1 person

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