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Today’s motivational nudge: More than make do with what you have – be empowered, motivated and strong

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I’ve complained about this in a blog post before – I do feel that marketing and social media as well as societal pressure can sometimes create a feeling of scarcity. There is this universal sense that you have to do more, be more and have more rather than just be in order to step forward with confidence.

It is worth being aware of the impact this can have even subconsciously on your psyche. We should all collectively take the time to be proactive about countering those feelings of scarcity if something external causes us to feel inadequate in any way.

Instead of just making do, embrace gratitude and abundance and make the conscious effort to walk into each moment with confidence, inner strength and poise.

Today’s motivational nudge is to more than make do with what you have.

>> Take the time to acknowledge and appreciate all the blessings in your life – both material and non-material. This year, especially – health, family and community are blessings to be grateful for along with all the other little and big things we all have to be thankful for in our lives.

>> Step out feeling your best. This could mean something completely different for each of us. For some of us, that may mean dressing well in clothing that make us feel confident; for others it may mean walking out the door feeling completely prepared for the task or activity at hand and for others it may mean having that good night of sleep and a healthy, nourishing breakfast before stepping out. Do what gives you strength, poise and confidence. You are completely worth it.

>> If you’re feeling scarcity in any aspect of your life, counter it with inner strength, self worth, confidence and action. Embrace and appreciate all that you do have and know that you have everything you need within. Then, confidently take the steps to accomplish your goals.

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2 thoughts on “Today’s motivational nudge: More than make do with what you have – be empowered, motivated and strong

  1. I Love all of this! ❤️ Such a great post with super good advice. I feel blessed and grateful every day and when I don’t feel confident I try and focus on those little things to start my day. I’m always trying to stay upbeat and positive, even though life throws us some curve balls I eventually can get that upbeat feeling back. I’m smiling! 😀 Thank you! 🤠❤️

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