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Are 30 day challenges worth it in the long term?

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Last year, when the pandemic gave us all pause, I decided to focus on my health and challenged myself with different, easy 30 day challenges to add different types of low impact exercise, better nutrition, more hydration.My aim was to have a healthier routine and a better exercise schedule.

Was it worth it? Yes, of course. In the short term, it was an excellent way to self-motivate and have something positive to focus on.

How about in the long term?

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A year later, I can say that 30 day challenges do work for me in the short term but for me personally, I need to stay consistent and set new 30 day challenges after the first one’s over to truly stay in that motivated mindset zone.

We’ve all heard it takes 28 days to make a habit. I think this process takes longer for habits that take time, energy and focus on a daily basis. I would venture to say that while the new behavior becomes familiar, it does not become automatic well past the 28 day mark. If you’re going from couch potato status to a 30 minute workout everyday, then after 30 days the couch most likely still looks comfortable and very appealing.

If you’re truly looking for great results and habits that stick, I’d recommend stringing challenges that build on each other together. The goal would be get incrementally better at a pace that works uniquely for you at any point of time.

What has your experience been like with 30 day challenges or challenges in general? Do you find that the potentially good results and habits stay with you?

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4 thoughts on “Are 30 day challenges worth it in the long term?

    1. That’s awesome! I do think the back to back challenges of different types are such a good way to go. The plank challenge sounds difficult – I am not there with planking at the moment to even try that. Thanks for stopping by!


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