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3 weekly journaling prompts – this week’s theme: relationships

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Relationships can be difficult sometimes. I think it is important to regularly set the intention to pay attention to the people in our lives and nourish those relationships just as we would tend to a garden that needs regular care to flourish.

Sorting through any unresolved emotions rather than holding on to them is one way we can change any future interactions with people for the better. It is freeing and such a good thing to do for our own mental health as well.

I’ve noticed that when I take the time to write out different thoughts in the privacy of a handwritten journal, I feel lighter and clearer about how I can resolve a situation in a better way. A few days later when I come back to that page, it helps me to have an even better perspective of whatever I was sorting through. It is easier to build bridges when you know what your starting point is and where you want to go.

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This week’s journaling prompts center around writing about the feelings and emotions stemming from any interactions with the people in our lives while also thinking of how we can empower ourselves to have better relationships and build stronger connections:

  1. Did anyone say or do something that was bothersome this week? What was it? Could I have responded differently or better? Can I make that particular relationship better or do I need to have stronger boundaries? What outcome am I looking for?
  2. What are 2 ways I can connect better and build stronger bonds with the people in my life? Is there anyone I can reach out to more often? Are there any activities I can join in with that will build or strengthen connection?
  3. How can I have healthier boundaries whether at home or outside of family relationships? Is there any one person or any activity that I need to say “no” to more often?
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And a bonus prompt:

>> How can I support and empower myself better so I can build on self trust and have a better relationship with myself? Do I need to listen to any specific nudges of intuition that I’ve been ignoring?


9 thoughts on “3 weekly journaling prompts – this week’s theme: relationships

  1. I had to screenshot these prompts for my handwritten private collection. This definitely something I will do this week. Thanks for sharing. I agree that writing helps to better organize thought! Definitely helps me sift through irrational thought and find the rational root thoughts that led to my spiraling in multiple directions. ❤️

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