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Today’s motivational nudge: Why advocating for yourself matters so much

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Depending on how much you typically advocate for yourself, your level of comfort with this particular skill may be different in each of the different situations that come up in daily life. It is worth it to take a step back and figure out if this is something we can do more of.

It may seem so much easier to let things go at times – but just think of it as building a muscle. Drawing clear boundaries with the small things leads to a greater sense of comfort with drawing boundaries for the bigger things.

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>> If we stick up for ourselves enough times we can build a self-identity where we define ourselves as people who always come through for ourselves.

>> We can build a well of self trust and self confidence and develop the skills to deal with the uncomfortable because we’re already used to being uncomfortable and getting through it.

>> We can firmly say no to anything that isn’t right for us and speak up if we’re not being listened to.

>> We can strengthen our ability to find the right person to talk to when we need a problem to be addressed by a specific entity or organization.

So many of the good things in life come from pushing through the discomfort of the immediate to get through to the comfort of doing the thing that builds your future. I would say it is worth it to learn this particular skill well.

If you don’t want to do that one thing today, say no. If you are settling for a particularly bothersome situation, step away from it and change it. If you’re stuck with a particular problem that you think someone else needs to solve, figure out who that is and go talk to them. Do what’s uncomfortable now so you can get through the other end and to the peace that comes from speaking up and resolving situations as they come up.


3 thoughts on “Today’s motivational nudge: Why advocating for yourself matters so much

  1. I Love this as I think we forget about ourselves if you are a people pleaser. I’m definitely one of those, and am realizing setting boundaries is important. This was a great read today! Thank you for sharing! 😀

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