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Word of the week “kindness”

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This week, my focus word is “kindness”. A focus word is one word written on top of a weekly calendar that gives a small but impactful nudge to prioritize and pay attention to that one thing every day.

It is funny how the smallest of gestures can have the biggest impact. Only because they are unexpected and surprise us into remembering that there are so many kind people in the world.

The other day a neighborhood family that lives close by opened their back door to find a profusion of plants overrunning their long neglected herb garden. They had tangles of lavender and sage mixed in with other herbs they never thought would grow. They decided to thin out the overgrowth to give their herb garden some semblance of order and give some of the plants to others instead of throwing them away.

After re-potting all the extra plants, they put up a sign offering a plant of choice to their neighbors for free. A whole slew of people stopped by to pick up their own potted plant.

This one simple, thoughtful act created a strong feeling of connection and community in the nicest way. I think so many of us had been wanting to start our own herb gardens and this was that extra nudge.

Being intentional about doing something kind every day opens the door to so much more positivity. What is your word for the week?


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