Today’s motivational nudge – break up that elephant of a task into little pieces

There are some projects we just don’t start because they are too huge, too overwhelming or just plain annoying to deal with. All these things collectively spend large amounts of time in our headspace because they absolutely need to get done, we’re still putting them off and the stress is collecting in the back of our minds.

Today’s motivational nudge is to carve out a tiny piece of a task or project you’ve been avoiding for a little too long – even if it is just to take out a pen and paper and write down a to-do list that will get you started.

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>> Make that call to someone who has gone through the same process and get some good advice and support.

>> Open up your favorite planning app or take a pen and a piece of paper and break the project down into micro-steps.

Each step can take 5 minutes or an hour – pick the amount of time that you feel you can start with right now and map out all the steps that will get you across the finish line.

Pick one micro-step to do today so you can check off that box and give yourself credit for succeeding at that.

Then, decide on what you’ll do tomorrow. Schedule exactly the amount of time you need for that on your calendar so you have a beginning and ending point to look forward to.

Keep chipping away at each micro-step at a pace that is manageable and sustainable for you until you accomplish your goal.

Take breaks – keep giving yourself grace and kudos for getting through a tough challenge with clear purpose and determination.

3 thoughts on “Today’s motivational nudge – break up that elephant of a task into little pieces

  1. I often break down bigger tasks into little steps. This is immensely helpful to making progress on the task at hand. And over the course of several days, much progress is made. Thanks for the motivation!

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