10 reasons to curate your wardrobe so it’s exactly right for you (Fashion Friday)

Photo by shattha pilabut on Pexels.com

My wardrobe has traditionally been one of those places where clothes went in but rarely left. This hasn’t always been a good thing! Letting go of clothes that worked at one point but no longer serve my life has been freeing this past year.

I’ve discovered that if you start to pare down your wardrobe while battling with feelings of scarcity, you’ll find it difficult to stay away from overspending in the longer term.

Truly connecting with the deeper reasons for why you want to streamline your wardrobe will help with make the curating process enjoyable, worthwhile and sustainable.

Here are 10 clear advantages to consider when determining whether you should let go of clothes that don’t work for you while keeping what you love:

Photo by Konstantin Mishchenko on Pexels.com
  1. You will gain the peace that comes from not having to spend an hour trying on different outfits as clothes puddle on the floor because nothing quite fits.
  2. You will feel joy when you look at a wardrobe with pieces that fit and look beautiful on you every time.
  3. You can focus on keeping pieces that appeal to your specific style aesthetic so you can put together outfits that are unique to you and bring joy.
  4. Your morning routine will be creative yet effortless when it comes to your wardrobe. You’ll be able to pick out anything from your wardrobe, revel in its look, color or pattern and pair it with any number of other pieces to create an outfit that will make you feel beautiful and confident.
  5. You will have embraced simplicity – garments that fit perfectly, work with each other, wash well and wear well.
  6. You will be honoring your own preferences and your body when you put on what feels beautiful and fits well.
  7. You can incorporate a favorite color palette that always compliments your coloring.
  8. You can effortlessly pull from several different outfit templates that you know will look good on you and make you feel confident and ready for the day.
  9. You will walk out into the world as your best self – always feeling appropriate for the occasion and good about what you’re wearing.
  10. You will open your closet and see space not clutter.
Photo by Artem Beliaikin on Pexels.com

Knowing your meaningful “whys” for simplifying your wardrobe is a big first step toward what can otherwise seem elusive – an effortless, streamlined closet with garments that give you confidence as you step forth into each precious day.

🌷🌷🌷 Wear what you love, don’t worry about any rules if something is right for you and makes you step out with a smile and a spring in your step. Wear what brings you joy and is truly you.

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