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How to write your way to achieving your goals

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There is something about putting pen to paper when it comes to our goals that gives us that gentle push to start moving in the direction of our priorities. If we are clear, intentional and consistent about writing down our purpose and direction for the upcoming days, weeks, months and years, we can always refer back to our journals when we start to feel uncertain.

There are two, very simple ways you can write your way to achieving your goals:

  1. Write in your journal every morning and set your intention for the day. Identify your top 3 goals for this day.
  2. End your day with writing in your journal every evening and reviewing how your day went and what happened with your top 3 goals for the day.

Consistently prioritizing goals and reviewing the day helps with creating accountability with yourself.

Daily goal setting extends beyond just putting things on a calendar. Writing out hopes and aspirations in detail and creating and implementing a plan that helps you get there, gives you the ability to accomplish your big picture goals in a more cohesive way.

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Also, daily decompressing through writing can be very therapeutic. I’ve often found that journaling at the beginning and end of the day with clear purpose can change my entire day and week.


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