3 weekly journaling prompts – this week’s theme: dealing with stress

Photo by Johannes Plenio on Pexels.com


This week’s focus is to figure out how to deal with everyday stresses in a healthier way. I’ve been guilty of putting dealing with stressful things on the back burner despite the knowledge that this is probably not a good idea! Unresolved daily stress possibly due to procrastination or never resolving that issue can add up to burnout so it is worth sorting through issues that cause the most angst as they come up.

Here are 3 sets of journaling prompts to think about this week:

  1. What is stressing me out and bothering me the most? Is there anything I’ve been putting off that needs to get done?
  2. How can I either address the source of stress or get help with it? Can I schedule time to work on this, talk to some one?
  3. What are my favorite, healthy, fun-filled ways to de-stress? Are there new wellness habits I can add into my routine? Can I add any of these to my schedule this week?
Photo by Alice Castro on Pexels.com


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