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Book Review /Inspiration – Taylor Jenkins Reid’s “Maybe in Another Life”


Every single day is a fresh blank slate filled with the potential of so many interesting new choices to say “yes'” or “no” to. Taylor Reid’s book “Maybe in Another Life” explores the “what if we’d made another decision” scenario that is fascinating for all of us. She gives us a compelling look at what could have happened – what if Hannah, the main character, had taken the other fork in the road? And, what if she hadn’t?

book review
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In this story, 29 year old Hannah Martin is still trying to find herself, moving from job to job and city to city, in an effort to find “home”. When she ends up back home in Los Angeles and encounters her old high school boyfriend, Ethan, at a bar, she has to make the choice to either stay or go home with her best friend Gabby who is getting ready to leave.The book takes the most interesting path possible and has Hannah make both decisions. It shows us what happens as she traverses both the forks on that particular road. Alternate chapters take us, the readers, on down each decision path and tell us what happened along the way – how her life changed as a result of making that decision one way or another. Neither path ends up being good or bad, each path is just different.

I enjoyed the concurrent story lines that showed us parallel universes. The author is good at making each one of the story lines equally interesting. It is a fun read that makes you think without getting too heavy and onerous. I do wish the author had delved a little deeper into the characters’ feelings and evolution as the stories progressed. Did Hannah evolve differently in each case? Did Ethan change differently? I’m not totally sure.

If you’re looking for a lighthearted read that will make you think just a little more about your decisions while wondering what your own answer to “what if..” would have been, give this one a try.



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