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Attaining wardrobe peace – Staying away from prescriptive style formulas (Fashion Friday)

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If you’ve been wanting a wardrobe reset and need a sensible plan that will give you a little bit of wardrobe renewal and peace without the need to go on a spending spree, here are 6 easy tips and strategies to consider:

  1. Think of elements of style rather than entire outfits. If you want to incorporate current style trends, pick up on elements that resonate instead of picking up entire outfits that reflect a specific trend. As an example, if yellow is the color of the moment and you don’t do bright colors, pick up pale yellow accessories that will easily work with your current wardrobe.
  2. Look through your own wardrobe and alter garments that don’t fit well. There are many DIY youtube videos that can walk you through simple alterations. If alterations aren’t something you want to do on your own, find someone who can alter pieces to fit your style and figure. Sometimes just hemming a pair of pants can give them years of extra wear while updating them to fit current trends.
  3. Align your wardrobe with your lifestyle. If quarantining has made you long to stay in comfy clothes, don’t purchase anything new that is restrictive and uncomfortable. If you’re never going to have a place to wear it, don’t make the purchase even if the garment looks beautiful on the hanger.
  4. Re-style your own wardrobe. Pick out looks on pinterest and elsewhere that you absolutely love and recreate a similar feeling with pieces from your own wardrobe. The look doesn’t have to be identical, just reflective of the feeling that is evoked when you see that particular image. Think of unusual color combinations that you can try by shopping your own closet. Switch up accessories.
  5. Pare down. Resets can come in the form of streamlining and paring down as well. Let go of or pack away things that don’t work for you at the moment. Revisit them in a few months and donate them if you still don’t think that they work for you.
  6. Make peace with your perceived flaws and focus on elevating what you love about yourself. If you’re constantly perceiving a lack within, it is easier to use shopping as a tool to fill that void. If you feel whole, complete and beautiful just as you are, flaws and all, you won’t feel the need to keep purchasing new things to somehow look like a model in a picture.

🌷🌷🌷The best wardrobe advice I’ve received – wear what you love, don’t worry about any rules if something is right for you and makes you step out with a smile and a spring in your step. Wear what brings you joy and is truly you.


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