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Morning serenity – how to start the morning from a place of peace

That morning pit of anxiety that can appear out of nowhere may not be the most peaceful way to start the morning! In those moments, how can we it turn it around, move to a place of peaceful contemplation and start the day from a place of serenity?

Sometimes, a nurturing morning routine on its own is just not enough to calm morning anxiety. If the lingering effects of what happened the day before remain or fears of the future build up, those feelings of perpetual anxiety stay with us even as we go through the motions of a morning routine.

This is when it is important to sort through exactly what’s bothering you before starting your morning routine.

morning routine
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If a conversation with someone is bothering you and you haven’t taken the time to figure out how to address it, then take the time to sort through the conversation in your mind and figure out what made you feel uncomfortable.

Was it something about the way you communicated your thoughts? Do you need to follow up or do you need to let go of what bothered you and decide to have good boundaries and be more assertive the next time?

morning routing
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If you’re anxious about another situation or something coming up today, then acknowledge your feelings head on and figure out how you can prepare in advance to cope with that better.

Write down steps you can take to address what is coming up for you first thing in the morning and put concrete task prompts on your calendar.

Take some time to also think of the grace and goodness in your life at the moment and to forgive and let go of any grudges or negativity.

Then, head for the shower, a wonderful nourishing breakfast and everything else you do to have an amazing day.


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