3 weekly journaling prompts – this week’s theme: meaningful connection

connection, community, journaling
Photo by Happiness Maker on Pexels.com

We’ve all experienced different levels of isolation and being disconnected from loved ones during the pandemic. Connection and community is such a big part of emotional wellbeing. It’s important for all of us to focus in a little more on build more meaningful connections as we connect back into the world.

This week’s journaling theme is about slowing down and becoming intentional with how we connect to others:

Here are 3 sets of journaling prompts to consider on the subject of meaningful connection:

connection, community
Photo by Alice Castro on Pexels.com
  1. How can I make more quality time to connect with the loved ones in my life in a more joyful way this week? What do I love the most about the people and four legged creatures in my life? What activities can I do with them that would mean a lot to them and to me?
  2. Who do I most want to build a stronger, more meaningful connection with in my life? What can I do this week that will help with that?
  3. How can I connect more meaningfully with my community and my neighborhood? What is the best way to contribute to my town and my neighborhood this year while connecting with my community? Can I volunteer, participate in meetings or do more to build the fabric of social connection in my life?

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