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6 reasons to add journaling to your self care routine

I have been journaling off and on over the years and have definitely noticed that when I stop for awhile, I feel that I’ve lost an outlet for expressing myself that is solely mine. If you haven’t given putting your thoughts to paper a try, I’d definitely recommend it. Here are 6 reasons for starting on this journey that I have found to be meaningful:

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  1. A journal is your very own space to write out anything – the little epiphanies, the funny anecdotes, the heartbreaking feelings, the pondering of decisions. It gives your thoughts and feelings a home, a place for expression.
  2. Journals can be a place for expressing your creativity. I think that sometimes, in the hubbub of every day life, creativity can take a backseat. I drew a little as a child and would never have expressed myself via sketching as an adult if the need to doodle hadn’t presented itself when I started journaling. You can draw, write a poem, write the first chapter of a book, make a list or an action plan, write out a fun bucket list, review a movie that struck a chord – create to your heart’s content.
  3. A journal is the perfect place to sort out feelings. I find that when I want to pause and figure out how I feel about a particular thing, I’ll just do a brain dump of thoughts on the subject. It’s funny how that helps to give clarity to what you’re feeling. It also allows you to validate and honor your own feelings.
  4. A journal can be a beautiful visual thing to own and use everyday. If you love different kinds of stationery, textured paper, artistic book covers and different types of pens like I do, picking out a beautiful journal with a cover that speak to you and using it every day can appeal to the artist within. There are so many beautifully created journals with covers made from faux leather or leather, linen, lace and all kinds of artistic textures that are available in the market place. You can even start with a simple notebook and create your own cover.
  5. A journal is a physical reminder for prioritizing self care. If you keep a beautiful journal at your bed side with pens in different colors, you’ll have a visual cue to write that will call out to you to create on a daily basis.
  6. A journal is a place for recording little pieces of personal history over time. It is so interesting to go back in time and look at what you were thinking by pulling out an old journal. I can find myself laughing in surprise because I have evolved and think so differently now. It is also endearing to hear from our younger selves and have compassion for and appreciate who we were way back when.

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